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Location / Distances


EA Hotel New Town**** is located near Wenceslas Square, the most significant of Prague squares, considered to be the business, culture and social center of Prague.
Established as part of the newly built New Town of Prague in 1348, it remains to this day the most visited place of the city. The National Museum building along with the sculpture of St.  Wenceslas and other patron saints of the country make up the dominant features of the square.
The Church of St. Stephen (Kostel sv. Štěpána), established in 1351 by Charles IV as a Gothic basilica, is located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, as well as the 12th century St.  Longin's Rotunda, one of the last 3 preserved Prague rotundas.

On a rock close to the center, the historical fort of Vyšehrad is located, dating back to the 10th century and entangled with numerous legends. Apart from beautiful sights to the Vltava river and the city, the Vyšehrad fort is also well-suited for nice and quiet walks.

Tourist tips

Place Km Type of transport
car city transport walking
Prague Castle 2,9 km 17 min. 25 min. 40 min.
Wenceslas Square 0,45 km 6 min.  - 5 min.
Old Town Square 1,5 km 15 min. 14 min. 17 min.
Charles Bridge 1,8 km 10 min. 16 min. 25 min.
Petřín Tower 3,3 km 20 min. 35 min. 50 min.
Strahov Monastery 3,7 km 15 min. 32 min. 55 min.

Cultural tips

Place Km Type of transport
car city transport walking
National Theatre 1,3 km 4 min. 14 min. 15 min.
Prague State Opera 0,65 km 8 min. 8 min. 8 min.
Municipal House 1,5 km 16 min. 17 min. 18 min.

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